Brian Delphi

Brian Delphi

Headshot of a bronze robot with curly, dark reddish hair that goes down to his shoulders. He has a neatly trimmed beard. A multicolored flower is tucked behind his ear, and he wears a kind expression. Chest-up shot of a tan-skinned freckled human wearing dark clothes. He has curly, dark reddish hair pulled up into a bun and a neatly trimmed beard. He has a tattoo above his right eyebrow of a line with ten notches, like a ruler. He wears a serious expression.
Name Brian Delphi
Also known as None
Pronouns He/him, It/its
Gender Male
Sexuality Gay
Species Construct, Human
Height 6'8"
Occupation Orphanage worker
Residence Myrmidicus
Age Ageless
Status Alive

Formerly a ruthless pirate on the ship Aurora, Brian Delphi is now an orphanage worker in Myrmidicus. He's the adoptive father of Sally Delphi.


Brian is kind—he always sees the best in others, and tries to find a reason behind others' actions. Those who are acquainted with him will speak of his soft smile and kind eyes. He's extremely protective of the children he works with, even more so with his daughter Sally Delphi. This protectiveness can result in him being overbearing, or stifling those under his protection. On the other hand, he will defend them with his life.


His current body was created by a mechanic named Victoria Sol. She also resurrected his soul to place into the body. Due to Brian's past life taking place in the Vohdan Era, this was an extremely rare event. After spending time with Victoria and getting used to his new body, he moved to Myrmidicus and became a worker at the orphanage there.

During Brian's past life, he was the pilot of the pirate ship Aurora. He grew up in a village by the sea and was outcast by the villagers for claiming to see the future. This was before Orpheus was well-known as a god of prophecies, and thus they assumed he was lying. He was thrown in the sea to drown before being rescued by Captain Carmilla.


Smoke is Brian's current partner. Sally is their adopted daughter.

While aboard the Aurora, Brian was in a complicated but overall healthy relationship with Jonathan Vang and Moth. Unfortunately, due to the time that has passed, it's nearly impossible that they are still alive. Brian has mourned all of the Aurora crew and has given up trying to find them.

Surprisingly, when visiting the IRS he met Sunny, a guard there who happens to be the reincarnation of the Aurora's sentient bird "mascot." It was an emotional meeting, and the two of them kept in touch after Brian went back home.


Gift of Prophecy. Brian was blessed by Orpheus, and has dreams that foretell the future. Most dreams only contain flashes of information.

Wizard. He is a self-taught wizard, mostly specializing in fire-related spells and a few healing charms.

Constructed. Brian's robotic body gives him increased stamina and resistance to many things that would harm creatures made of flesh. It also means he doesn't have to sleep, but he prefers to do so anyway.