Haliya, a very pale chubby humanoid with pointy ears. They're wearing moon earrings, a dark skirt, and a silver wrapping around their chest. They have a cape attached to silver bracelets, the inside of which shows a night sky. They're also wearing a silver mask with three horns. The mask has a sad expression, with tears coming from the eyes and a moon symbol on the forehead. The same moon symbol is tattoed on their chest in white. The background is white, and in gray behind their head is a circle surrounded by six stars. The same image as previous, except Haliya's mask is off and the skirt is now transparent, showing they're barefoot and wearing shorts underneath. They have a big nose, short brown hair, and have a solemn expression. Their left eye is closed and the right eye is open, showing that their pupil and sclera are dark but their iris is silver.
Name Haliya
Also known as The Moon God, The Last Moon, The Warrior Goddess
Pronouns They/them, Xe/xem, She/her (formerly)
Gender Nonbinary
Sexuality Aromantic asexual
Species Deity
Height 5'7"
Occupation None
Residence Skyworld
Age Ageless
Status Alive
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Haliya is the God of the Moon. Back when their younger sisters were still alive, they were known as the Warrior Goddess. After the Bakunawa killed their sisters, they gave up their weapon and stopped going by feminine terms. Lich-Harì and the Deep Dark were created from their grief.


Haliya is quiet and reserved, never speaking more than they need to. They have a strong connection to their friends and family, and will do anything to ease their burdens, even if it means adding those burdens to themself.




The Last Moon. Haliya has the power to control the moon, as well as darkness to an extent.

Warrior Goddess. They are an extremely skilled warrior, and was worshiped as a warrior god before the death of their sisters.


They used to be very close with their parents, Nyx and Anagolay, and even closer with their sisters. After the death of the Moon Sisters, Haliya grew distant.

Haliya is in a relationship with Araw, the Sun God.

Mortal Worship