A tan-skinned human with an average build. She has a round face, flat-ish nose, and light brown eyes. She has dark green hair, almost black, that's tied up in a ponytail. She has a tattoo of a leaf on her chest. She has earrings and a white dress brought to her waist by a bronze belt. Her sandals are bronze, as are the bracelets on each wrist and the pauldron on her right shoulder. The same image as previous, except now she is a ghost, completely blue monochrome. Her hair is loose and flying around her face. She has no pupils, and looks slightly angry.
Name Salamangka
Also known as The First Babaylan, Child of Bathala
Pronouns She/her, They/them
Gender Genderqueer
Sexuality Pansexual
Species Human, Demigod
Height 5'8"
Occupation None
Residence Skyworld
Age Ageless
Status Deceased
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Salamangka was the first and only child of Bathala, created out of nothing. She was also the first Demigod and Babaylan, aspects she passed down to all her descendants. Bathala placed her in a mountain cave near Myrmidicus to grow. When Salamangka was a young adult, Achilles wandered into the cave, mortally wounded. She healed him, which had the side effect of giving him superhuman strength. As repayment, Achilles helped her acclimate to life outside the cave.

Salamangka frequently returned to the cave, and with the tribespeople near Myrmidicus, turned the surrounding area into the Temple of Salamangka. (death of mahál etc etc)




Bathala, Achilles is adopted brother and Mahál is brother-in-law. Married Spyra Demos, had Engka Demos. Mormaer and Sally Delphi are distant descendants.