Tale of the Bakunawa

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Series Stories of the Puppeteer
Word count 345
Characters Bakunawa
Other Vohdan Era
smoke holding up a finger with an exclamation mark.

Content warnings:


When the material plane was first handcrafted by Thanatos and Bathala, seven moons were made, beauties of the night sky. The guardian of the sea took notice of the new arrivals and watched as they circled Gaia. This guardian—the Bakunawa—was enraptured by the glory of the moons, and spent her nights staring up at the heavens.

The Bakunawa was a sea serpent, and although mortals respected her as the guardian of Gaia’s seas, they feared her. Her scaly body was as long as the largest ocean and as powerful as a tsunami. Large demon-like eyes, a flowing mane, and sharp claws that could splash a year’s worth of rain to flood a town.

She decided she would eat the moons and take their beauty for herself. Her whiskers would flow gracefully and her fins would glisten in the sunset. The mortals would worship her as much as they did Zagreus or Bathala or Orpheus.

One night, the Bakunawa flew up into the sky and devoured six of the seven moons. They gave no fight. Why would you, against the mighty serpent? By the time she reached the last moon, the mortals realized what was happening. They shouted and screamed, but the Bakunawa didn’t listen.

However, one mortal had an idea. She took a metal pot and pan and banged them together, creating a harsh sound that rippled through the air. The Bakunawa flinched and paused in her feast. Quickly, all the other mortals followed, banging forks and spoons and swords and bowls until she let out of a howl of pain and let go of the moon.

The mortals cheered. The Bakunawa, hurt by the noise, dove back under the ocean. It took a month for her to heal and ready herself, but once again she flew out of the sea and attempted to devour the moon.

This time the mortals were ready, and with their metal ruckus, saved the moon once more. The Bakunawa has tried again and again, but can never succeed, and will never become the graceful serpent she wished to be.