The Feywild is a mirror of the Mortal Plane, but overgrown and teeming with mysterious life. The sun never sets here, Araw's blessing keeping it bouncing from east to west. The everlasting light lets plants thrive, moss and grass covering everything except water and settlements. This plane is the home of the Fae, immortal creatures whose workings are nearly incomprehensible to mortal minds.


The only way to travel between the Feywild and the Mortal Plane is through gates. These can be created by powerful spellcasters, but most often are created naturally through magical connections. Gates are usually a doorway of some kind, such as the half-collapsed ruins of a castle gate or a strangely door-shaped growth of trees. They can also be circles of mushrooms or faerie tears, a flower symbolic of the Fae.

Gates can open or close periodically depending on moon phases or other natural cycles. Altering the physical gate, such as knocking down ruins or pulling up flowers, can destroy it, and may anger the Fae.

Stepping through or into a gate transports people between the planes. You will always end up in the gate's mirror in the opposite world. When returning to the Mortal Plane, a non-native to the Feywild may find that time has shifted. Days in the Feywild can be minutes to years in the Mortal Plane.


Courts are what the Fae call their kingdoms, although mortal kingdoms are often much smaller than the sprawling courts of the Fae. There are three courts in the Feywild: