"The brother gods festered and bickered for millennia, their loneliness only growing. That is, until the Universe bestowed upon them a Star. Zagreus bled into the in-between and planted the Star in their blood. Thanatos cried, thinking this might cure their loneliness, and their hopeful tears watered the Star.

The two gods embraced, and around them grew the Startree. Rooted in the in-between, its branches grew and the planes of existence sprouted from their ends. The vines of the astral wove along the wood, creating paths between worlds. On the tree’s centermost branch flowered our material plane, where gods and mortals and monsters meet."

Stories of the Puppeteer


The Startree was created by Zagreus and Thanatos. The forces of the universe gave them a Star. Zagreus bled into the empty space where the brother gods were spawned, and buried the Star. Thanatos cried, their tears nourishing it. The Startree grew, and the planes with it.