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Magic on Gaia is a 'force' equal to the likes of gravity. Everyone knows that magic exists. Spellcasters and scientists alike study the causes, effects, and limits of magic. Although the exact source of magic is unknown, it's believed that it originates from the void in which the Startree resides.

Types of magic

Learning to cast

Any sapient species has the potential to learn magic through study and exposure, however some have a higher affinity for it than others. Individuals in a bloodline may also pass down magical affinity to their offspring, giving them a head start on magical studies. This passing-down is generally proportional to the parents' abilities.

Science vs. magic

Despite what it may seem, science and magic are not oppositions. Instead, they are two fields of study that overlap in certain areas. Some consider magic to be its own field of science, others say science is a field of magic. No one has agreed long enough to make a lasting change, so the general public thinks of them as separate with a few overlaps.

Science is the study of any natural process, creature, or material that exists without direct magical intervention. Examples include elements on the periodic table and biological nomenclature.

Magic is both a force and a study of everything not included under science's umbrella. Mystical and otherworldly occurrences, as well as any creatures from beyond the mortal plane.

Multiple overlaps occur, most notably in the study of magical creatures.