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The Pantheon is the name of Gaia's main religion, also called Pantheonism. All gods in the Pantheon are verifiably real, and have proof of their existence dating back to the Vohdan Era. Because the Vohdan Era was so long ago, belief in the Pantheon is no longer as widespread. A majority of the population worship at least one Pantheonic god, however.


icon of zagreus

Zagreus | any pronouns

life, blood, flora, fauna

icon of thanatos

Thanatos | they/them

death, silence, hard work

icon of fate

Fate | xe/xem

destiny, prophecy

icon of bathala

Bathala | he/she

creation, caretaking, healing

icon of haliya

Haliya | they/them

the last moon

icon of araw

Araw | he/they

the sun

icon of dionysus

Dionysus | they/he

theatre, parties, wine

Family tree

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The oldest gods are Zagreus and Thanatos, brothers who created the Startree and their younger brother, Fate when the universe was empty. The two older gods birthed Bathala, who went on to create many of the other gods in the Pantheon.

Thanatos forged the Underworld, then created Ibu and Charon to oversee and ferry the dead, respectfully.

Fate bestowed a blessing on a mortal named Orpheus, who became the god of music and prophecy.

Libtakan, Dionysus, Talagbusao, Nyx, and Anagolay were born through mortal worhip.

Nyx and Anagolay created Haliya and the six younger moon sisters to watch over the seven moons of Gaia. At the end of the Vohdan Era, Haliya manifested Lich-Harì.

Talagbusao created the twins of war, Mandarangan and Darago.

With Libatakan, Bathala gave birth to Ikapati, Bungun, Anitun Tabun, and Araw. Anitun Tabun, with Dumakulem (born through mortal worship) birthed Linti and Lalahon.

With Dionysus, Bathala gave birth to Artemis and Aphrodite. Artemis created Amasinaya.

Finally, Bathala created the demigod Salamangka, who was the first in the bloodline of Babaylans.