The Balat-Kayo are a tribe of nocturnal orcs created by Haliya to assist them in fighting the Bakunawa. They are considered a subspecies of orcs. Balat-Kayo live in the mountains and worship Haliya, waiting for the day they'll be called to fight for the goddess once more.


Balat-Kayo look similar to orcs, with some differences. Their skin is tan and dark, and they have long tusks. They have white "freckles" that resemble stars in varying locations on the body, but at minimum are always found on the cheeks. Their eyes resemble Haliya's, dark scleras and white irises.

Boar form

They have the ability to morph into a boar for a maximum of twelve hours at once, the specific time varying between the individual's magical reserves. All clothing and weapons will be preserved and return when morphing back to their natural form.


While the Balat-Kayo started off as a small tribe, they have grown in number. Although they will usually stick to the mountains, they will sometimes send scouts or adventurers to explore the rest of the world.


Because Haliya and their sisters used to be female, the Balat-Kayo are a matriarchal tribe. The birth of a baby girl is celebrated more than that of a baby boy. They are fully accepting of transgender people, and will celebrate the "birth"/coming out of a trans woman or nonbinary person, viewing it as stepping closer to the Goddess of the Moon.


Balat-Kayo, while acknowledging the existence of the other gods, solely worship Haliya. Their practices are a mix of ancient and modern rituals, leaning towards ancient. Many rituals and spells involve the number seven, as they were created when there were still seven moons.